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la fille d’O (meaning daughter of ‘o) is the voice of a generation. in 2003 i, murielle victorine scherre, felt the need to create an aspirational role model. my own shameless eve, a powerhouse moulded after the people who have personally inspired me. the past is filled with humans who elevate living in to art. i wanted to tune in to that frequency of wisdom. to grow from there, as a woman, mother and maker. i missed such a savoir vivre and kindredness in both media and fashion. no better place to start a revolution than in our pants.

la fille d’O started as a lingerie brand but has become somewhat of a religion. as a woman i felt unheimlich when looking at ‘modern’ lingerie and women in media who were presented to me as role models. this image of the woman felt very out of date and uninteresting for such an innovative business. i myself find true inspiration, one that satisfies my hunger, with the people surrounding me: intelligent gems driven by their curiosity and lust for life. you don’t see them in mainstream media. i didn’t long for vague instructions from a religious point of view. i was looking for a guiding light held by humans who have lived truly and deeply. by sharing their stories i hope other people will find the courage to throw off that heavy shell of doubt and shame. la fille d’O is a safe haven where you’re invited to develop your true self. the stories of these people are an inspiration, not a dogma. it’s a sea of possibility that nourishes me and captivates me. where i literally support people in their ongoing work and life so they can write new stories for the next generations to come. this love for the story behind the human is my pencil when i design. i love to create the subtlest of interventions. i add only what is needed, out of respect for the pure beauty the human body already offers. i work with the wide spectrum of beauty. with the differences that make us unique within humanity, which brings us together.

la fille d’O is avant-garde lingerie that supports your body, whilst empowering your frequency. without compromises and therefore all-embracing. like a friend once described it: ‘i am not fierce, yet i belong here’.

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